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Jamming at the Findlay Street Feast

Last Saturday, on a whim, Polly and I decided to drive to Findlay, Ohio and poke around a bit. We were delighted to find out that The Arts Partnership was holding its first ever Street Feast between Front Street. and West Main Cross Street. The event was held to raise money for The Arts Partnership.

We arrived at the Street Feast around 5:15 PM, parking in a handicapped spot at the rear of the Hancock County Courthouse.  A light crowd milled about, chatting, drinking beer, and eating food from the vendors that lined both sides of venue. Later in the evening, the crowd grew quite large, a vote, I hope, that tells The Art Partnership that their event was a success. Polly and I, along with our daughter Bethany,  planned to stay for a short while, listen to some music, and then head off to eat at nearby Alexandria’s Gastropub. Instead, we found the music acts of such quality that we stayed to listen to all three bands: Ryan Parker Band, James and Some No Names, and Joshua Melton, play most of their sets.

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ryan parker band

Ryan Parker

james and some names james atkins

James and Some Names

joshua melton band

Joshua Melton