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Standard Oil Company, Rural Indiana

Standard Oil was an American oil company founded by John D. Rockefeller in 1870. It was the largest oil refinery of its time. In 1911, Standard Oil was ruled a monopoly and broken up. Standard Oil was split into thirty-four companies, one of which was Standard Oil of Indiana (which later became Amoco).

My wife and I take frequent day road trips throughout Northeast Indiana, Southern Michigan, and Northwest Ohio. We are always on the lookout for photography opportunities. Recently, we came upon an old Standard Oil delivery truck rusting away along a rural Indiana highway.

standard oil truck rural indiana 2018


Watching the Evening Traffic in Findlay, Ohio

Several weeks ago, my wife and I, along with our oldest daughter, traveled to Findlay, Ohio to eat fine Italian cuisine at Rossilli’s, located at 217 South Main Street. This was our first visit to Rossilli’s. The food and service were delightful. Our server quickly greeted us, and soon brought to our table warm Italian bread and our drinks. We ordered three meatballs as an appetizer. For our main course meals, my wife ordered Chicken Marsala, our daughter dined on Bucatini with Meatballs, and I had Romano Crusted Chicken. Including a 20 percent gratuity, our check came to $82.

We exited Rossilli’s, planning to see the Black Panther movie at AMC Findlay 12 on Interstate Drive, just off the juncture of I-75 and State Route 15. Next door to Rossilli’s was a kitchen design business. It was closed and darkened, but I saw the office light was on at the back of the store. At the front door was a dog that gave us a woof or two as we passed by. The dog then turned to watch the traffic coursing along Main Street.

dog in window findlay ohio 2018

Interesting Photos From the 2017 Henry County Fair

henry county fair 2017 (1)

Food vendor, Henry County Fair, 2017

I have posted two other articles about our family’s recent visit to the Henry County Fair in Napoleon, Ohio — A Young Woman and Her Cow at the Henry County Fair  and Vintage Military Planes Fly Over Henry County Fair.

Here are four miscellaneous photographs you might find interesting.

henry county fair 2017 (2)

Sign above goat pen, Henry County Fair, 2017

henry county fair 2017 (3)`

Sign above hog pen, Henry County Fair, 2017

henry county fair 2017 (4)

Sleeping beauty, Henry County Fair, 2017. Hard work, long hours, I saw several young people sound asleep, oblivious of their surroundings. I envied their ability to do so.



Vintage Military Planes Fly Over Henry County Fair

Last Saturday, my wife and I, along with our oldest daughter attended the Henry County Fair. While touring the fairgrounds, five vintage military planes streaked through the sky. I really didn’t have the “right” lens for taking photographs of the planes, but I learned long ago that it’s better to shoot and fail than not shoot at all. As you can see, I was rewarded for my faith.vintage military planes 2017 (2) vintage military planes 2017 (1)