Hanging Out With the Squirrels at Riverside Park, Findlay, Ohio

squirrels riverside park findlay ohio 2018 (9)

One of my favorite spots to sit and relax is Riverside Park in Findlay, Ohio. Opened in 1906, Riverside Park used to have amusement rides, including a carousel and train. Currently, Riverside is home to a pool, band shell, and numerous well-kept buildings that can be used for picnics and parties.  Sitting along the Blanchard River, Riverside also offers delightful trails, observations areas, and boat rentals.

Recently, my wife and celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary. After eating dinner at Red Lobster on Tiffin Avenue, we headed to Riverside Park to walk off our meal. Riverside is home to numerous squirrels, two of which graciously “posed” for me.

squirrels riverside park findlay ohio 2018 (1)


  1. Carmen

    This is where they belong – outside! We got one in our house last summer and I now think of them as ‘rats with furry tails’. . .grrrr. . But great shots, Bruce!! 🙂

    1. Bruce (Post author)

      Yeah, squirrels definitely belong outside. Too devious to let inside. 😀

  2. Kathleen

    I love your photography and this blog

    1. Bruce (Post author)


      Thank you for the kind words.



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