Youth Baseball in Northwest Ohio

youth baseball 9u 2017 (7)

During the late spring and summer months, I have numerous opportunities to take photographs at youth baseball and softball games. My grandchildren are of the age that they are now trying their hands at sports, so as a photographer and a proud grandfather, I often find myself on the third or first base lines, camera in hand. From time to time, I also shoot games for friends and relatives. The photographs that follow were taken during my cousin’s son’s 9U baseball game. While his team lost the game, my cousin’s son — coming in as a reliever — pitched an awesome game.

I have been asked if I do sports photo shoots for non-family and friends, and the answer is yes. If you would like me to attend your child’s game and take some candid photographs, please email me via the contact form, telling me exactly what it is you would like me to do. You will find my service affordable. I offer everything from photo shoots to prints, on location or in studio.

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