Bicycle Barn, Rural Southern Michigan

Highways are what people use to get from point a to point b in as little time as possible. I am not much of a highway guy. I much prefer leisurely drives on back roads with the position of the sun guiding my travel to some nondescript small Midwestern community. My wife and I have taken countless trips where we had no clear destination in mind. Recently, on our back roads wandering to South Haven, Michigan, Polly and I stumbled upon a barn covered with old bicycles. I told Polly at the time, I wonder WHY someone attached the bicycles to the barn? What was their reasoning on the day they decided to attach the first biped manual motoring machine to their barn? We humans are a funny lot, not that I am complaining. We all do things that others might find strange or humorous. Each to their own, I say, even if that means you want to hang bicycles on the front of your barn.

bicycles on barn southern michigan 2017

bicycles on barn southern michigan 2017

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  1. Carmen

    I think it’s kinda neat! I wonder how many pictures exist of this?


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