The Raccoon Invasion

raccoon ney ohio 2016For two weeks in late July and early August our backyard bird feeders were visited by numerous raccoons. All told, twelve raccoons stopped by Gerencser’s Seed and Feed Restaurant to eat. After doing some reading and observing their behavior, we were able to figure out that there were two families of raccoons: one family with two females and three kits and another family with one female and three kits. On several nights, three super-sized male raccoons visited our feeders.

Every night, for two weeks, between the hours of 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM, these raccoons would make their way into our yard to eat. Most of them were content to eat the seed that had fallen to the ground. One raccoon, however, decided he would tempt fate and climb our fence so he could have ready access to the feeders. The following pictures were taken from a distance of less than ten feet. Each night, I would as quietly as possible slide up the living room window screen so I could extend my camera and flash outside the window. The raccoon in these pictures quickly ascertained that I was not his enemy, and, for the most part, ignored me when I raised the screen.

And then one day, the raccoons stopped coming to our yard. I still watch for them during restless, painful nights that keep me from sleeping, but so far they seem to have moved on to other feeding sites.

Click on photograph for larger photo.

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