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In the Studio: Aaliyah Waterfield Senior Portaits 2018

I recently shot my oldest granddaughter senior portraits — round one. Aaliyah Waterfield. Aaliyah is a senior at Stryker High School. Hard to believe that she will soon graduate from high school. It seems like yesterday that Aaliyah was a little girl running though our home.

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If you are interested in having me shoot your senior portraits — in studio or on location — please email me via the contact form.

Hanging Out With the Squirrels at Riverside Park, Findlay, Ohio

squirrels riverside park findlay ohio 2018 (9)

One of my favorite spots to sit and relax is Riverside Park in Findlay, Ohio. Opened in 1906, Riverside Park used to have amusement rides, including a carousel and train. Currently, Riverside is home to a pool, band shell, and numerous well-kept buildings that can be used for picnics and parties.  Sitting along the Blanchard River, Riverside also offers delightful trails, observations areas, and boat rentals.

Recently, my wife and celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary. After eating dinner at Red Lobster on Tiffin Avenue, we headed to Riverside Park to walk off our meal. Riverside is home to numerous squirrels, two of which graciously “posed” for me.

squirrels riverside park findlay ohio 2018 (1)

Taste of the Arts, Fort Wayne, Indiana: The Aged Face of Wisdom

aged man at taste of the arts 2016 fort wayne indiana (2)

Two summers ago, I attended the Taste of the Arts with several of my children and grandchildren. Held annually in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, Taste of the Arts exposes attendees to a variety of artistic and cultural experiences. This year’s Taste of the Arts will be held Friday, August 24 and Saturday 25.  Taste of the Arts brings all sorts of people together for their two day event. If you enjoy street photography, you will find a plethora of opportunities to ply your trade. I’ll be there this year, and if you live in the Fort Wayne area, I hope you will do the same.

aged man at taste of the arts 2016 fort wayne indiana (4) aged man at taste of the arts 2016 fort wayne indiana (1) aged man at taste of the arts 2016 fort wayne indiana (3)

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Standard Oil Company, Rural Indiana

Standard Oil was an American oil company founded by John D. Rockefeller in 1870. It was the largest oil refinery of its time. In 1911, Standard Oil was ruled a monopoly and broken up. Standard Oil was split into thirty-four companies, one of which was Standard Oil of Indiana (which later became Amoco).

My wife and I take frequent day road trips throughout Northeast Indiana, Southern Michigan, and Northwest Ohio. We are always on the lookout for photography opportunities. Recently, we came upon an old Standard Oil delivery truck rusting away along a rural Indiana highway.

standard oil truck rural indiana 2018